Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Baby Smiles

Lauren is smiling and Makenna is smiling and Livy is maybe a week or two behind. We feel like we finally have some little human beings who are ready to interact with us. All three girls LOVE Paddy Cake, although my version of said nursery rhyme is suspect. I cut out a few lines and cut right to the chase:

Paddy Cake, Paddy Cake, Baker's Makenna
Bake me a Lauren/Livy as fast as you can!
Roooooooooolllllllllllll 'em
And put 'em in the pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They love that I get down to the business of just rolling their hands and tickling their bellies.

So back to the smiles. No giggles yet, just big grins. Fortunately, Olivia is on a new formula that she is tolerating quite well. That means no vomiting...and that means that we can actually play after she eats. So now that we can interact with her w/out her barfing all over the place, she is starting to progress a bit more. She has given us a couple of smiles on demand, but not quite as many as her sisters. So, yeah, another week or two and we'll be a family of grinning babies!!!

Tonight was fantastic. We did big girl baths for the very first time. I loaded up all of the Bumbo chairs into the bathtub and put all three girls in together. They looked a bit stunned, but really had a great time. Of course, someone had to relieve herself about halfway through the bath. Tonight, that someone was Livy. We actually smelled it before we saw it. So, yeah, first big girl bath...and first time Makenna and Lauren had to bathe in their sister's poo. I'm sure they will all pay one another back at some point.

Here are some bathtime fun pics!!!



Lloyd Family said...

I found you on the triplet connection. I have an all girl trio too. So fun. I just had to tell you I absolutely LOVE the names you picked out! Your babes are adorable.

Vanessa said...

They are getting so big! Thank you for sharing the video. They sit up so well in their little chairs.

I'm very happy to hear Olivia is tolerating her new formula.

mary said...

Love the big girl bath. I think I will have to load up mine in Bumbos and do the same. soooo cute!!

Mimi said...

I can not believe how big they are getting. They are so adorable.


Scarlett said...

UMMMMMM, SO CUTE!!! They all look so stinkin adorable!! I am so happy for you and Paul!! Sounds like things are starting to go much smoother!! They are just beautiful!! I finally got my photography blog up and running, :) Just had to share with you!!! Keep the posts coming, I always look forward to seeing them!!!

Jaime said...

Your girls are darling! I love the bathtime photos and video. I never thought to use the bumbos in the bathtub, good thinking! :)