Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Up and Running!!!

I'm the type of girl who can do without television...primarily because I can watch everything I want online. Take away my internet, though, and I'm not a happy camper. Don't get me wrong, I am quite content to leave technology at home while visiting my favorite little island (shameless plug for St. John), but I just don't like to be on the mainland sans google. Thus, I am happy to announce that our internet has been restored. All is right in my world. Paul is currently downstairs watching television while I sit on the floor of an empty office...Jake lying on my right, his monkey on my left, and Paul's computer on my lap. A cushy chair would be nice, as would a desk; however, it won't fit in this office. Rather, it won't fit through the door. It will, however, fit nicely on Craigslist now that we have internet again.

Oooooh! Just heard a baby burp. Paul must be putting Makenna back to bed. So tonight we tried the whole "in bed by eight o'clock" thing...and it worked soooooooooo well...for about 45 minutes. Let's just say that Makenna has a set of lungs, and quite possibly a tapeworm because she won't shut up and she won't stop eating. Is it too much to ask to have all three babies in bed at a decent hour? We are just so tired of ten and eleven o'clock bedtimes. The worst part is that it's different every single night. There's no consistency. It really doesn't help that we have had such an erratic schedule since the girls came home from the NICU, but I think it's time to create a routine. So today was day 1. I think we're allowed to fail miserably on day 1, right? Tomorrow will be better. I'll just go ahead and keep telling myself that.

For those of you with an interest in such matters, I took the girls to California on the 19th to visit my mom and grandparents (yes...I flew alone with 7-month-old triplets). I am so relieved to say that the flights went quite well. We flew nonstop and the girls behaved perfectly. I mean, they were so content on those flights that people were complimenting us as they walked off the plane. I won't lie, it was hard work. I had to figure out a way to feed all three at once, change diapers without leaving the seats, play musical carseats, and keep those girls happy...but they were all three so content and we were a fantastic team.

Our visit went very well and we all had a really nice time. Olivia had so much floor time that she can now roll onto her side. Makenna is still working on the whole rolling over thing. I'm thinking she's going to me more chatty and less athletic since she's quite happy just lying on the floor and making loud noises. Lauren is totally opposite. She wants to move and hardly makes a peep. They are all laughing, giggling, and engaging us more and more each day. We did have some professional pictures taken during our trip, but I'll have to load them another day.

In the meantime, all is well and I'm loving my internet.


The Russell Family said...

Too bad we missed you during your trip we had a very busy memorial day weekend. Sounds like you had a good trip though.
I know I don't have three but to get Noah on a good schedule we just had to adjust his feeding times to go with the bedtime, easier said than done. He is now in bed by 8:30.

Anonymous said...

Crystal I am so happy you came to California. We all enjoyed all the girls. They are the sweetest girls ever. I can not wait to fly to Ohio to see you guys again. I felt like I was withdrawling from them. Keep up the trying to get the routine. Remeber they say if you do something 15 times it becomes a habit. Little Ryder bedtime is 7:30 to 8:00 by 6:30 Rebecca says he starts yawning how funny huh. Well take care hugs and kisses Tricia :)

Trish said...

Crystal--so glad to hear all is well with you and the girls and that your internet is back up and running! I followed your lead and started a blog for the twins, even though they are not hear yet! www.hargrovetwins.blogspot.com
Trisha, Hope&Pray, 2ww!

Joe + Kim said...

I happened to come across your blog and I am so happy I did. I am also a mom to GGG triplets they will be 8 months old on June 11. I live in Ohio also. I read your entire blog just this evening and am so thrilled that the girls are doing ok now. I also have a blog www.cosenotriplets.blogspot.com although I do not seem to find time to update as often as you. My email is kimberly.coseno@yahoo.com if you ever want to talk babies!

The Marquarts said...

hey...not sure where you guys live...but if you are anywhere near me...i have baby clothes! trying to find a home with triplet girls! i know a triplet mommy would really appreciate! it's tough buying 3 of everything! ...that is if you like to dress them alike! just leave a comment on my blog if you want!!