Thursday, July 10, 2008


Nothing new to report, really. I made an appt yesterday with a private ultrasound place to find out the genders of our babies. The appt is set for next Friday. Since I'll be one day short of 15 weeks, it's still a bit early, so the tech is just going to give us her best guess. So, basically "I'm 75% sure it's a boy"...something to that effect.

For anyone looking for a good puke story, I've got a couple. Let's see...Thursday night I crawled in bed around 12:30, I think. I felt kind of nauseated after lying down, so I turned over to sleep it off. Unfortunately, before I could even make it out of bed, I barfed. I tried to catch it with my hand, but all that did was splatter it all over my face and force vomit out my nose. Paul had to change the sheets and I had to shower at 1am. Fun!

Then on Tuesday I was feeling horrible all day with a headache. By 6:30 that night I was puking up frosted mini wheats. Not such a horrible thing to barf except for the fact that it was as thick as oatmeal. But, at least I made it into my bucket (yes, I now carry a bucket around the house)...more than I can say for all the other times. Gross!

I have to say, though, that our dog, Jake, is quite the caretaker. Everytime I barf he stands there staring at me....not sure if he's concerned for my health or if he's just looking for leftovers....

So, yeah, being pregnant is soooooo much fun...can't wait until December! I wonder, though, if by the end of December I'll just want to go back to being pregnant? What's worse: barfing all over myself or trying to calm 3 screaming babies?

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