Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still unbelievably sleepy...

It's incredible. I barely sleep. Somehow, though, I manage to be more productive than I was before I was pregnant. Kind of.

Seriously, there is always laundry to be done. I could wash every single article of clothing, blankets, and towels. Yet by the time it's all folded and put away, there is about another one quarter load just sitting and waiting to be washed. Then there are the bottles. No matter how often I wash them, there is always a pile of dirty bottles sitting in the "dirty bucket". Yes, we have a dirty bucket. Dirty bottles sitting on the countertop drive me nuts. On top of all that we have about two different kinds of formula, as well as breastmilk to divide out between the girls. Olivia is on the gentle formula to help her poop. And it helps, lemme tell ya. Makenna is on the sensitive formula because she pukes up just about everything else. Lauren can take anything because she's a little piggy with a stomach of iron. Then I have my breastmilk, which I try to divide out between them just because. I am barely producing anything and have so little time or energy to think about pumping. I literally start to fall asleep almost every time my butt hits the sofa or the bed. However, I really enjoy breastfeeding and like to have the time to bond with them when I have the chance. Additionally, I'm just not ready to cut that final tie of them relying on my body to sustain their lives. I know that sounds crazy, but providing them with breastmilk feels so important in the bonding process. So as much as I just want to give up, I'm having a very hard time doing so. So my whole point is that 3 babies require a pretty decent amount of attention and it's exhausting. If we didn't have so many doctor appointments, life might be a little more manageable. And if I had a housekeeper, I could spend more time with my girls. But it's fine. It's going well, all things considered.

So I made my first big outing alone with them in the "triplet tractor" today. Technically, I took them out on my own to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. Paul met me there on his lunch, so I really wasn't alone too long. Today, though, I loaded them up in the sweet minivan and headed to the hospital to get bloodwork done on Olivia. Afterwards, we stopped at the doctor's office to get their 3rd Synagis vaccinations. Everyone kept looking at me like I was insane for being out in public with triplets and no assistance. People kept asking me where my help was. Honestly, today I didn't need any help. I could have used a different shirt since I broke out in a sweat pushing that giant stroller around in a sweatshirt, up hills and all...but the girls were so good. They kind of crumbled at the doctor's office, though, because they were hungry. You should have seen me. I was holding Makenna with one arm and feeding Olivia with my other hand as she sat in her carseat. Then Lauren started screaming, so I had to prop Olivia's bottle and set Makenna down while I made Lauren's bottle. I then propped Lauren's bottle while I changed Makenna's diaper. Next I changed Olivia, and then Lauren. I made Makenna's bottle, but by the time I was ready to give it to her, she fell asleep. Oh, and then I had to burp them all in between. Then the nurse came in and pissed them all off with their shots. And then we went home and they ate for real. About 2 hours after that I finally took a nap. It wasn't nearly long enough.

Medically, things are progressing. Livy's doctors are meeting tomorrow to come up with a gameplan for her surgery. We'll find out what they want to do on Monday. This week we met with a gastroenterologist and immunologist. Nothing of interest to report on those visits yet, but at least she is getting the consults she needs.

Did I mention how tired I am? Here are some pics. I have to go clean something...



Mimi said...

They are so beautiful!! You are doing a wonderful job!! I hope you get some much needed rest soon!


The Russell Family said...

They all getting so chubby and still as cute as can be! I would love to see a pic of the mini van with all the girls in it. :) I love reading the updates. Keep of the good work!

Scarlett said...

So sweet! You guys are doing such a great job!!! Really, I can't imagine how you are doing it all, but you are and they are beautiful! I look forward to your posts!!!

Barbs said...

They are so adorable! I am amazed at how well you are handling all of this! You are a rockstar!

I love reading your posts. Hang in there!

the hansens said...

This sounds EXACTLY what I am going through right now! Love my babies, don't love the sleep deprivation, gas, laundry, dishes, or endless pumping (I'm so scared I'll dry up). I heard it gets better after 4 months... (the sleeping part)