Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beta HCG Results

Of course everything MUST have a story. Nothing can just be simple anymore, especially with us. So I had my first beta done today. The nurse was supposed to call me with the results. By 4:30 I still had heard nothing, so I figured I would call them. Apparently they had not yet gotten the results from the lab via fax, but had spoken with someone via the telephone. They told me my level was 17.70. What??? I was expecting something around 100-200 or so. My home pregnancy test an hour before the beta was as positive as positive can be...and it's only supposed to measure hcg higher than 25. So I'm like "no, there's something wrong. I have been getting positives for 5 days. There must be a mistake." So the nurse called the lab and then called me back. She told me that the number was definitely wrong and that new results were being sent to my Cleveland doctor....and that she wasn't allowed to tell me the results. So we hung up and I freaked out, called the on-call doc in Cleveland so they could call the lab and get my results for me. Then, in the meantime, my local nurse called back. She said she felt really bad for me and that she would give me the results and that if she got fired, I'd have to help her find another job, haha. So the number was 915. Pretty darned good! I have another one in a week...and an ultrasound in 2 weeks.

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