Friday, May 16, 2008

First Ultrasound @ 5 weeks 6 days

Well, we had an unexpected ultrasound today following a scary gush of blood this afternoon. I must say that following the ultrasound, I feel so much better and all this spotting and nausea are making some sense.

At an early ultrasound like this, one would expect to find a small gestational sac with a round white yolk sac inside. As the pregnancy progresses a few days, one can find a fetal pole and eventually a heartbeat.

That said, our ultrasound tech found two gestational sacs without any hesitation. She had quite a bit of trouble locating a yolk sac in the first one, though, and so she moved on to the second. She found that yolk sac right away. Then she went back to the first gestational sac and was eventually able to locate a yolk sac. As she was finishing the ultrasound, taking one last look, she came across a 3rd gestational sac! Unfortunately, she was unable to locate a yolk sac there. It's not uncommon to have trouble finding all of the right parts this early on, so it may or may not mean anything. All we know for sure is that we have three embryos that implanted from this embryo transfer. All gestational sacs are measuring a day ahead of schedule at exactly 6 weeks.

We have another ultrasound on Wednesday, the 21st, at which point we should be able to see more details. Hopefully we'll even see some heartbeats!!!

For right now, though, we're saying that we have 2 1/2 babies in there :-)

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Annie said...

thank you for this post. you don't know me but my friend found your blog for me. we just had a u/s yesterday and our dr. found 3 sacs also. one looked great but the other two didn't look so good so i'm praying and hoping. you are so awesome and a great mom.
for the whole story you can look at my blog, if you have time, hehe