Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally Pregnant!

After two years of trying to conceive, I am finally pregnant with our first child! We did a frozen embryo transfer while visiting family in Ohio in April. On the 22nd, we transferred three embryos and on May 1st we received the good news.

We had gone to a movie that afternoon, where I drank about a gallon of Sprite. On our way out of the theater I was whining to Paul about how badly I had to pee, when he started whining back "pee on a stick, pee on a stick!" 'Pee on a stick' means take a pregnancy test. So we went to the store and bought some tests. On the drive home, I told Paul that the test would be negative because we were testing too early. I had just used the restroom four hours prior and diluted every bit of hormone in my there was just no way the test would pick up anything. I was nervous about getting a negative test, but for the first time ever, I was actually nervous about getting a positive one, too. Suddenly I started thinking about all of the new worries we would have to consider as future parents and I became overwhelmed. I teared up as I mentally prepared to accept the good or even the bad news....but I fully expected bad news this early on.

Upon arriving home, I rushed into the bathroom to finally pee. Before I could even flush the toilet, a line indicating a positive pregnancy test appeared! I was shocked and immediately in tears. I rushed out of the bathroom and met Paul in the entryway to our home, where I showed him the test. He held me as I sobbed and sobbed...and the dogs joined in the party, jumping on us and barking. They were just as thrilled.

I proceeded to take another few tests over the next 24 hours to confirm and all are positive. I will have a blood test on Tuesday to make sure the hormone levels are adequate, and if all goes well, we should get our first glimpse of our little baby (or babies) at the end of the month.

We're gonna be parents and we couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!

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