Saturday, September 13, 2008

23 Week Update

The girls are still doing pretty well in my belly and I am measuring 38 weeks pregnant (should I be carrying only one child). We got the report from the level III ultrasound and all are definitley looking great so far. At 21w5d their weights were:

Ashlyn - 15oz
Peyton - 17oz
Olivia - 14oz

I have started feeling a lot more movement this week, especially from Olivia. Peyton has quieted down a bit...likely because she has so much space over on my side. Ashlyn has been doing more than kicking, though, as I can feel a lot of movement from her...especially in the mornings. All of the girls seem to wake up around 7am to stretch and play "kick my sister in the head". I haven't yet been kept awake at night by their movements, so hopefully that's a good sign of things to come. I am, however, kept awake at night by my severe discomfort. I can't lie on my sides much and am most comfortable on my back, but my legs hurt so much at night that it's difficult to fall to sleep. I'm sure this will only get worse, so I'm trying to enjoy my sleep while I can.

As for how my body is handling things, my cervix is still 5cm. I also had a fetal fibronectin test this week, which came back negative...and that's good. Basically it's a vaginal swab and they look for fetal fibronectin, which should not normally be secreted after week 22 of pregnancy until very close to delivery. If the protein is not present, then one has a 99% chance of NOT delivering in the next 2 weeks. If it is present, there is a 30% chance of delivering in 2 weeks.

Next Saturday is the big 24 week milestone. Then I'll start focusing on 28 weeks, which is October 18th.

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Eric said...

I am extremely excited for you all! This is sooo awesome for you!