Saturday, September 27, 2008

25 Weeks & A New Home

Today I hit 25 weeks and considering recent events, our big goal is about 30 weeks. I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday at the request of my doctors. I actually received a phone call around 9am asking me to pack a bag and come on in for the duration of the pregnancy. I was given an IV and started Terbutaline injections. I was also given Betamethasone injections (the steroid which helps the babies' lungs produce surfactant in case they are born early). My contractions were 1 to 2 minutes apart when I was admitted and slowed to 6 to 8 minutes throughout the day. My cervix still measured over 4cm and the babies weighed in at 1 lb 9 oz to 1 lb 11oz, all within a week of their due date. On Wednesday I was given ampicillin via IV every 6 hours. Then on Thursday my high risk doctor made a visit and switched everything up. They removed the IV, d/c the terbutaline, started Indocin, d/c ampicillin, and I have been doing that ever since.

Sleeping has been nearly impossible with all of the pain I have had (pain from this horrible bed)...I have even been taking Ambien and it barely helps. My mom offered to buy me a memory foam mattress yesterday and I was able to sleep for 8 hours last night! I feel fantastic today for the first time all week!!! I did start contracting again in the middle of the night, so they gave me one terbutaline injection, but things have been great all morning.

So other than just sitting in bed with a belt wrapped around my abdomen measuring uterine activity, I'm doing pretty well. My nurses are fantastic and I am being well cared for, as are the babies. With any luck, we'll sail through the next 5 weeks in this hospital and maybe even buy ourselves 3 or 4 more. Hopefully I won't go crazy in the meantime.


Scarlett said...

Hi there! I have been following your blog every week, so figured I would leave you a message to let you know we are thinking of you and Paul and those little sweeties. I know it is tough to think of spending so much time in the hospital, but in the grand scheme of things it will be so worth it. We will be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers and checking your blog weekly:)


Aunt Sandy said...

Take good care of yourself and the girls!! I feel in my heart that everything is going to be great!!
I cannot imagine experiencing what you are. You are one special (and tough) woman. But we already knew that. Try and relax and take it one day at a time. You are all in our prayers.

Aunt Sandy (and Ashton and Travis)