Friday, September 5, 2008

22 Week Update

I had a big, fat, level III ultrasound yesterday. The tech measured the girls' parts, looked at their brains, hearts, kidneys, bladders, spines, umbilical cords, etc. At first glance, they appear to be perfect!!! Now, we never did the down syndrome screenings, so we have no idea about that, but at my age, risks are low. As for the level III u/s, we won't get the final report until next week, but it really appears that all 3 girls are looking great.

I'm only 2 weeks away from the big 24 week mark. At 24 weeks the babies are considered viable. Our doctor said that our NICU has a 70% survival rate for babies born at 24 weeks. That goes up to 100% by 26 to 27 weeks. So while it's nice to reach that 24 week mark, I would hope that if we're going to have issues, that they not arise for at least a couple of weeks after that.

For those of you interested in my cervix, it's still holding out at 5cm. I'm hugely impressed with the strength of that sucker. I know Ashlyn's head is constantly hitting it, but apparently it doesn't matter. At what point do you think I should tell her that her first pillow was mommy's cervix?

Baby movement/kicking is in full force. I am 99% sure I can feel all 3 now. Peyton has planted her butt directly in my left side and Olivia's butt is up under my breasts. The u/s yesterday confirmed that Ashlyn and Peyton are still head-to-head and that Olivia is in perfect position to be kicked by the both of them. Apparently she kicks back, it's nice to see her standing up for herself.

Here are my 21 week belly pics...


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Haymonds said...

Gosh!! You're so small for THREE!! Hope you don't have any hurricane trouble--and that the girls stay snug and warm till YOU're ready!! You look great.