Sunday, November 30, 2008

1 Month Old & Better News

Yesterday marked their 34 week gestational age, as well as their 1 month birthday! Both are kind of a big deal to us. Lauren tipped the scale at 4 lbs 2 oz yesterday, too!!! Livy and Makenna aren't too far behind.

So the "better news" is that Makenna is back on pedialyte because her abdomen is looking better. Livy kind of followed Lauren and Makenna's lead when she got sick a couple of days ago. However, she seems to be improving a bit, too. They still aren't certain, but it kind of looks like whatever is ailing them may be viral. Thus, the antibiotics were making no difference. Just in case, they will remain on them, but Makenna was taken off of two of her meds since they are probably no longer needed. Hopefully within a few days she and Olivia will be back on their breastmilk feedings. Makenna was at least taken off of her canula, but Livy is still on hers.

More great news is that Lauren started bottle feedings!!! She took 12cc today at noon, and by 6pm she will be up to 14cc. And let me tell you, she sucked that stuff down in about 30 seconds. That girl wastes no time...she eats just as quickly as Mommy & Daddy. So the plan with Lauren is to do all of her feedings via bottle, every 3 hours, all day long. This is a little different than what they would normally do. Typically babies will start one bottle/day, then two/day, etc. Because Lauren hadn't been taking her normal 1oz plus and was only on a very small amount of pedialyte orally every 3 hours for the past few days, they decided to just switch out the pedialyte and use the milk. The nurse said once she starts taking more than an ounce (she will reach this on Tuesday), she may tire out and they may have to re-insert a feeding tube so they can give her whatever is left over. With Lauren, we'll be shocked if they have to do this. Also, more nurses are commenting that she will be in an open air crib soon. Today our nurse said that the crib thing won't come until they feel comfortable with her taking all of these feedings. They only like to introduce one new change at a time. So maybe by next weekend if she continues to do well, she may go into an open crib. And all I have to say is that we had better purchase our carseats because that's the last major step before they send our little girl home!!! Of course, that's barring any set-backs...which we know could arise at any time. And she still has to pass all of the "tests" to make sure she is ready...but if she's piling on weight and sucking down her food, I am thinking we may be kind of close to finally bringing home our first baby. And with any luck, Livy and Makenna won't be far behind!!!


sharerc said...

I'm glad to hear the great news about Lauren. She will be home soon and the other 2 princesses will follow!

Mimi said...

Congrats momma!!! Your girls are doing awesome!!! I can not wait until you get to dress them and hold them without all the "extra's". And BRING THEM HOME!!!! Yeah! Congrats again!


rachael said...

happy 1 month! it sounds like the girls are doing quite well!

The Russell Trio said...

Yeah they are one month old, wow that went by fast! Glad to hear all the good news!

Haymonds said...

That is so great. Glad to hear that they are progressing in the right direction. Yay for hopefully getting them home before Christmas!!!!!!

Coll Trio said...

Yay! Happy 1 month! I hope ALL the girls will be home soon! Make sure you are getting your rest now because it's a whole new world when they all come home! :)