Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 Weeks Old!

Today the girls are 3 weeks old, and would be at 32w4d if still in my belly. As of last night everything was going pretty well.

Olivia's feeds are no longer continuous. They moved her feeding tube into her stomach (rather than her intestines) and are feeding her over a 2 hour period, then letting her rest for an hour, then another 2 hour feeding, rest for an hour, etc. She is at about 27ml at every feeding. At 6pm last night she had 9ml of residual and we don't know if she had any residual at 10pm. Hopefully she will tolerate these feeds so they can continue to move forward. The other great news is that they removed her pic line, so no more iv's and stuff for now. She still breathes well on her own, so everything is fantastic with her.

Lauren was up to about 10ml of food last night and should catch up with her sisters by tomorrow if everything goes well. She hasn't had any residuals and is tolerating her feeds very well for now. She is still puffy, even while on the lasix, but her breathing is improving quite a bit. We are really looking forward to getting her to a position where she can lose the canula. Through it all, she is the biggest of the bunch at 3 lbs 11oz...part of which is water weight from the swelling.

Makenna weighed in at 3 lbs 3 oz yesterday, just shy of 4oz, actually. Generally they like to see a gain of about 1 oz/day and Makenna is doing this, for the most part. Her weight was actually higher a few days ago, but she was in an isolette that we believe was measuring her a bit incorrectly. The day she was switched to that isolette she gained 100 grams, which is really odd. Then when switched out, her weight dropped. So it sounds like the isolette's scale was faulty. She is doing well on her feeds and breathing very well on her own right now. She tried to remove her feeding tube the other night and her nurse was none too pleased. That's pretty standard behavior for our girls, though. They like to remove everything. And speaking of removals, Makenna's pic line was also taken out yesterday. Mommy got to kangaroo with a practically wireless Makenna!!! The only things attached to her were the feeding tube, temp monitor, and the 3 leads that monitor her heartrate and respiration.

So everything continues to move right along. We're really really hoping we can bring one of these girls home by Christmas. That's 5 weeks from now, so maybe it's a realistic hope, especially if they do well on their bottle feeds. We shall see...


Mimi said...

Congratulations again!!! My step daughters were born at 26 weeks weighing in at almost 2 pounds each. They were in the hospital for only 45 days. Your girls are doing fantastic so hopefully you will have all three home by Christmas. I will say a little prayer for you and your girls.

Scarlett said...

So glad to hear such great news!! They are so precious! Love reading your updates!! Love, Scarlett

sharerc said...

The girls are all so precious and doing wonderfully! I hope you get all 3 of them home by Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Cyrstal they all look so good. Sorry about spelling Makenna wrong I thought it had a c in it but oh well we can mess up some time who keeping track. But they do look great good luck to you and Paul in the futrue it will be hard Im sure but with love you have everything. Nothing else matters. God will help you find the things you need. take care. tricia:)

Karie J. Boyd said...

I am crossing my fingers for you!