Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Updates

Well, we have barely gotten to see the girls in the last 36 hours, so I thought I would take this opportunity to post some completely random updates. Basically we popped in yesterday around noon and were told that they were low on milk. So I thought it best to do a quick pump so that they would have some fresh milk prior to bringing in more of the frozen stuff that night. By the time I was finished they were putting a new IV into Lauren. Not knowing how long the wait might be, and because we are not allowed to be in the NICU for these types of procedures, I decided that we should run some of our errands and head back in later. Now, the NICU shuts down from 6-8 in the mornings and evenings for shift change. So by the time we got back there it was around 9pm. We had called prior to arriving to make sure they weren't closed for any procedures and were told all was quiet and that we could come immediately. By the time we arrived all hell had broken loose and people were running about trying to get everything ready for some new admissions...3 new admissions, to be exact. Apparenly just 10 minutes prior they had gotten word that they were expecting another set of triplets that night!!! And while I know none of you really have an appreciation for the size of the NICU, just imagine a room not much bigger than the average master bedroom. The entire level III NICU is actually a decent size, but there are two sections to it. Our section is the most intense of the two and it's not very big. As of last night they never had more than 6 to 7 babies in there at once. With 3 new additions, space is going to be VERY VERY limited. That said, we were told they are considering moving Makenna over to the other side because she appears to be pretty stable right now. So if that happens, it's kind of exciting news, because it means she is moving forward. We know it's just sort of by default, but it still feels good to think that she is in the less critical area of the NICU.

As for me, my leg/ankle/foot swelling is probably 99% gone. My feet still have their issues here and there, but I can wear a couple pairs of normal shoes, so that's a really good thing. My blood pressure looks excellent again, so I was taken off my meds. I was worried about that one, but all looks good. As for my weight, I am now a good 5lbs under my pre-preg weight. Gotta say, I'm kind of enjoying the "you don't look like you just delivered triplets" comments. And the "my wife is should get pregnant more often" comments from my husband don't hurt, either. I'm sure it's the gigantic milk jugs I'm lugging around which make my tummy look smaller, but I do feel incredibly fortunate that my tummy held up so well. Of course, my ab musles are completely useless right now, but my belly is flat and I fit into my clothes, so what else could I possibly ask for?! And I think the weight loss has really contributed to a fast physical recovery. My muscles are sore from having been on bedrest for so long, but I am able to get up and move around with ease compared to when I was pregnant. I just have a lot more energy and it feels fantastic. My only complaint is that the joints in my hands are KILLING me at night, when I wake up, and a little during the day here and there. They feel arthritic, but after doing a tiny bit of research, I think it may just be swelling (even though they don't look swollen to me). Something about fluid in the joints...I don't know. I'm just hoping this one goes away soon because I can't even close my hands when it happens.

I'll update later when we get more news on the girls. For now we know that Olivia tested low on an immunity blood test, so it's safe to say that the DiGeorge is going to affect her immune system (really scary and hopefully treatable). We have to meet with a doctor or nurse to fully understand the impact of these results...and we are still awaiting more immunological test results, so not much news quite yet. Makenna tested positive for MRSA, which is a staph infection that apparently is easily transmitted in hospitals, schools, etc. They think it cleared up on its own already, but are awaiting results from a second culture in the meantime. For now she is under contact isolation and we have to put on gloves and a gown just to touch her. Lauren also tested positive for something (something popped up on a culture), but they are still trying to identify it...kind of wondering if it could also be staph. As of yesterday she still wasn't on breastmilk and they are still awaiting everything to normalize with her stomach before starting feeds again. So, as I said, more complete updates later when we get more news.

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Corcoran Crew said...

I am a triplet mom of 29.2 weekers and happened upon your blog. Please hang in there...from someone who has been through a lot of what you are going through now (and still going through some stuff) it does get better. If you ever need anyone to talk to, please feel free to e-mail me at

Hugs to you and your family!

Megan and the Corcoran Crew